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Hydraulic Elevator


Ramson hydraulic lift adopts the drive motors and pump with the high properties and the remarkable quality. It brings about the extremely quiet and smooth lift running. its oil temperature monitor system can keep the finest temperature of the oil. In this way it gurantees the smooth elevator operation. The precise screw pump and oil flow pulsating damper can effectively restrict the well noice and car vibration. The advanced lift control valve can ensure the smooth lift acceleration and deceleration under any load conditions. Whereas the micro computer control system assures the stable and efficient running of various components. It puts the lift running into the finest conditions. Ramson hydraulic lift adopts many safety means such as the safety valve which protects the hydraulic system, one-way valve which prevents from the return-flow of the hydraulic oil, the anti-stall device etc. The manufacture to various elements has been equipped with the most advanced technology and the quality supervision system in order to assure its fine security and reliability.


Secure and Reliable
It is safe and reliable for the hydraulic lift running. Even if there is any power interruption or anything wrong with the power supply, it can still stably lower down the car to the neighboring floor before opening the door.

It needs no top machine room
It can be placed in any position near the well. As it only needs 4-5m2 for the machine room area, it can even adopt the un-utilized area as the machine room.

Accurate Leveling
The lift hydraulic pressure employs a kind of automatic stability control design. It can precisely control the repeated positioning of the lift leveling.

Low noise running
The hydraulic power system pump, motor, control valve set etc, have been set inside the hydraulic oil tank. It integrates the hydraulic pump station into a whole. It designs the oil pump and motor in to the oil submerged work mode. It can reduce the noise in the lift running process to the max, Extent.

Small top height
It only needs 3.8m for the top height which is rather convenient for the construction design.

No vertical load to the architecture
Because there is no top machine room, the vertical load such as car load etc, can be acted on the well pit through the hydraulic oil cylinder. In this way, the construction is free from any vertical gravity action from the lift equipment and load. therefore it lowers down the building cost.

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